Fiber Optic Starfield Ceiling

This picture shows the remarkable laser starfield generator - see more HERE

Courtesy of Keith Robinson.  Downloading or copying is strictly prohibited

Installing a fiber optic starfield is one of the most beautiful things you can do to a ceiling in a home theater, entrance way or anywhere you want to create a dramatic, soothing effect. And you’re not limited to the ceiling either.  We’ve done movie theaters, business and homes, ceilings, walls and, yes, floors.  If you want sound deadening as well as spectacular effect, you can use a fiber optic curtain.  These are hand made to your specifications and can be any size or shape. See HERE for more details. To see a really remarkable installation, click HERE
Here’s a short movie that shows what to expect.  The board is 2’ by 3’ and is broken up into three sections. The left third is 10 stars per square foot.  The middle third is 7 stars per square foot and the right third is 3 stars per square foot: 

What you will need to create a Star Ceiling

An example of the spectacular effects possible with a starfield ceiling!

Another view of Keith Robinson’s starfield/cove lighting combination. He used one X20-75 fitted with a blue twinkle wheel for the stars and blue and white led rope for the cove around the starfield. Click to enlarge.

                                                             For a professional system you will need:

                                                                                                               The light source
For a home theater or small venue, use either an X20-75 or a DEL75W-2LC illuminator.  Use the DEL75W-2LC if you want to dim the effect. If you wish to save on electricity, we offer the X20 with a 3W LED lamp upgrade.  Lamp life goes up from 4,000 hours to 50,000hrs!  For a larger venue or a brighter room, use a DEL250QH-TW-2LC.  It is approximately three times brighter and can dim like the DEL75W-2LC. Any of these will do a ceiling of between 175 and 300 square feet.  For the X20-75 and DEL75W-2LC illuminators, we also offer both a blue or a black twinkle wheel.   Gels can be added to either wheel to have the stars twinkle different colors. For those that want the very best, we offer the 96w SMD LED illuminator.  It will make any project POP!
                                                                                                             Fiber Optic Cable
You will need end emitting fiber optic cable of various lengths to cover your ceiling. We even offer a special cable designed for star ceilings-Starpac 48.  Since these systems are designed for each application, just give us a call at (210) 590-5196 and we’ll be happy to help you. If you’re putting your star ceiling in a home theater, you might think about adding a few LED Bulbs.  With their cool color temperature, they make the room look like there is a full moon flooding the room with light.  A pretty cool effect for a star ceiling! Another nice effect is a shimmering galaxy or shooting star in your star ceiling.  This effect comes from our our LED Twinkle Sky Kit.  For a quick and easy star ceiling effect, click here!
For star/constellation charts click here.   
If you need to have a system installed: Starfield Designs   Take a look at some of their work!  Click HERE

                                           For a smaller system or where access to the starfield is limited
lFor something like a child’s room, where access is limited or where heat will be a problem, you can use the LED 594-2M or the LED Twinkle Sky kit. They don’t twinkle like the professional system, but it has a very calming effect.  For a little larger system, take a look at LED10W-6C/T Star Kit
There are other systems that can be used for a simulated starfield; take a look at the DIY page

Some examples of what can be done. Click pictures to enlarge.

Pictures courtesy of: Smooth Technologies LLC

For really cool effect, click the picture! To see more, CLICK HERE

Picture courtesy of Donald Cartier.  For more pictures click HERE


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