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Click the picture for a swirling vortex application

Click picture to see fiber optic curtain applications !

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Click picture to see an installation on the high seas!

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Click picture to see an installation in Athens, Greece!

Click picture to see wonderful applications in a club!

Click picture to see starfields

One example of FlexNeon!

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One example of how a club can come alive!

Fiber optic cable is flexible enough to make signs.

Sidelight cable used on dock

Side emitting cable around pool Click to enlarge Click picture

RGB Ribbon for glass block and cove lighting

An example of a fiberfall

Pool and fountain lighting

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Side emitting cable around a pool

Staircase lighting

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Beautiful bathrooms!

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Unique restaurant lighting!!

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Wonderful Niche Lighting!

Click picture for drywall applications!

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Glass Block Walls!

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Paver lights used in planter

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Side emitting cable on porch steps

Landscape fixtures highlighting a driveway

Close up of landscape fixtures

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Spectacular hot tub

Niagara Falls Skywheel

Madlabsí Biolumina!

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