REVO-100 LED Moving Head

100W High Power LED Moving Head, DMX

We are pleased to introduce the world’s first high power LED based full featured moving head intelligent lighting fixture. The Revo 100 is the first in a series of SSLE (Solid State Light Engine) based LED spot projection products. Revo is short for Revolution which we proudly assume the leadership position as the first company to introduce a spot, gobo, and effect projection device incorporating our patented SSLE technology.

SSLE LED technology and the Revo 100 offer the advantages of extreme long life, up to 20 to 25 times that of discharge lamps. This practically eliminates the need to replace lamps and saves you time and money in costly labor and lamps.

Based on the ever popular Geni Electronics OBY3 moving head mechanical structure the Revo 100 has all the popular features of a MSD 250 lamp based moving head.

SSLE LED technology greatly reduces energy consumption and is perfect for venues who have limited electrical services such as mobile DJ’s, houses of worship, bars and pubs. The Revo 100 can be applied where any lamp based 150 to 250 Watt moving head is applied now

Ideal & Powerful Effects
 100W SSLE (Solid State Light Engine) Pure White LED
 11 sharp dichroic colors + open.
 6 easily replaceable, rotating gobos + open.
 Various kinds of glass gobos are available for the client’s choice.

 Rotating 3-facet prism.
 1-12fps fast flashing, and 0-100% linear dimmer
 Shutter and dimmer can function at the same time.
 Remote-controlled focus.
 Remote-controlled lamp ON/OFF switch.
 Smooth and silent revolving with a large range of 570 degrees in the X axis and 270 degrees in the Y axis; automatic electronic sensor to zero.

Attractively smooth design
 Stylish, high impact-resistant polymer shell is lighter than any other of the same class on the market.
 Solid square base is convenient to set on truss or stand directly on the ground or stage for use.
 Systematic modular-construction design of inner function wheels and PCBs makes version updating and customization convenient.
 Sophisticated optical system makes light output brighter and sharper.
Simple and easy operation
 Standard USITT DMX-512 protocol with 13 or 11 DMX channels
 High-torque stepper motors with smooth and precise micro-stepping control.
 LED screen controls DMX coding and selection of built-in functions, and also displays lamp’s time usage.
 180 degree reverse setting on display panel for convenient reading when fixture is hung upside-down.
 Pan & Tilt can be set on initial DMX channels or on later channels.
 LED DMX signal detector on control panel to detect DMX signal easily.

Price: $1,399.00 Each

Electromechanical Effects
Color wheel: 11 dichroic colors + open
Rotating gobo wheel: 6 replaceable gobos + open
Gobo rotation: adjustable speed and position direction
Dimmer: 0-100% linear dimmer
Strobe: Electronic, 1-12fps fast flashing
Rotating 3-facet prism: in/out variable speed and direction
Focus: 2m-infinity
Pan: 0°~ 570°
Tilt: 0°~ 570°
Wheel control: auto-electronic reset
Control and programming
Setting and addressing: LED control panel
Protocol: USITT DMX-512
Pan/tilt resolution: 8 or 16 bit
DMX channels: 11-13
Signal input: 3-pin XLR male
Signal output: 3-pin XLR female

Light Source: 100W White SSLE
Control: Sound, Automatic and DMX

Housing: High impact resistant polymer cover
Colors: Black or white
Metal finish: Electrostatic powder coating

Dimension: L400 x W380 x H540 mm
Weight: 24 kg
Metal gobo: Diameter: 31 mm
Maximum image diameter: 25 mm
Metal type: white iron
Glass gobo: Diameter: 31 mm
Maximum image diameter: 25 mm
Glass type: heat-resistant and intensify glass
Glass coating: dichroic
Quick half coupler clamp


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