LED Specials and Closeouts

For many of these products we have limited supply.
Please call to confirm quantity

12” LED Flex Strips 12v

Green: Was $15.75 NOW $5.00
Red: $9.75 NOW $5.00
Pure White: Was $14.75 NOW $5.00
Blue: Was $8.99 NOW $5.00
Yellow: Was $9.75 NOW $5.00
RGB: Was $18.99  NOW $10.00

150’ roll of 120v red LED rope light - Rectangle

These are the same as the round 120v red LED rope, just rectangle (10.5mmx12.5mm).
Price: Was: $300 NOW $199/roll

4.5m (14.75’) red led rope (with power cord). 
Perfect for Christmas!   Only $15 each!!


Red, green, blue and yellow led rope. 3 wire, so chasing is possible, but it looks great as it is! 120v, 2m (6.5’) cutting lengths
Price: $1.75/ft ($11.38 per 6.5’ section
Here’s a short movie


Litestick 36.5” Fiber Optic cable/3-5mm led’s

12v, 15w, 0.2a draw. Long lasting visual point of reference for exit lighting, bathroom nightlights and many more uses.  Available in red, amber and green.
Price: Was: $29.95 NOW $15.00 

Spec Sheet

Rocket Red and Green Laser

Equipped with four 4.95mW RED laser diodes it delivers 4 very bright pencil-thin beam effects. Laser heads can be adjusted manually. Suitable for small disco/club and mobile DJ. DMX/sound controlled
See more HERE
Price: Was $629.00 NOW $429.00


Galaxy Red Starburst mirror ball laser

Red laser centerpiece with 56 <4.95mW Red Laser Diodes - SA, Controller supplied - STUNNING LASER GALACTIC EFFECT! First of its kind, the Red Planet Galaxy Ball provides huge floor coverage.
Price: Was $499.00  NOW $399.00

LED Illume 162, LED Illume 469 and Quatrolume

Perfect for clubs! Multi color led’s have changing patterns that are dmx or sound controlled.
To see more, click

Price for LED Illume 162: Was $139.00  NOW $99.00
Price for LED Illume 469 Was $249.00  NOW $149.00
Price for Quatrolume Was $299.00 NOW $199.00


LED Excel and Outdoor Magnum 44

Useful for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Control macros via DMX or Stand alone.
Pass through power up to 10 units. Adjustable color temperature. Auto programs, Adjustable speed strobe. Digital Display. Hanging bracket with degree indicator included
Low Power Consumption
IP Rating: IP67  For more information, click HERE
Price: Was $599.00 Now: $399.00

LED Illume


LED Excel

LED Magnum 44


Crystal Solid Core Fiber Optic Cable - 6mm and 10mm
Side Emitting fiber Optic Cable

Perfect for fiber optic projects that want a little extra ‘pop’! The cable looks like it has ice crystals all along it’s length - but it doesn’t effect light output. It just looks “COOL”!

SCSC-10UV (13mm) Side Emitting Crystal solid core cable with UV Jacket
Price per foot: $3.50    Price for 100’ roll: $300.00

SCSC-6UV (8.6mm) Side Emitting Crystal solid core cable with UV Jacket
Price per foot: $2.50    Price for 100’ roll: $200.00

S-SBC126 Braided 126 strand Crystal cable  Was: $10.99/ft  NOW $5.99/ft



Color Wheels for 35w, 50w and 75w illuminators

3.25” diameter with 3/8” mounting hole
Price: $1.50ea


LED Ceiling Fixture

These ceiling lights swival 20 degrees each way. They are 12v, 3-1W LED’s in either warm or pure whilte light and are perfect to highlight artworks. The gold tone fixture is 4.25” across and 2” deep. The white frost with gold trim is 3.5” across and 2” deep.  Both come with gull wing fasteners for quick installation.
Price: $34.99 each

LED 4’ and 2’ T8 Replacement Tubes


DLCL5_with_LED_a_th DLCL5_with_LED_th DLCL7_LED_front_th DLCL7_LED_th

Click picture to enlarge

LED_Fluorescent_LightR LED Flourescent ON r

Aluminum Based LED T8 Replacement Tubes
LED T8 tubes are ideal for fluorescent tube replacements in commercial lighting applications, sign lighting  applications, and residential applications. LED T8 tubes contain no dangerous mercury or gasses.
Low power consumption. Built with a  dedicated LED driver for PWM constant current supply to insure longer operating life and to minimize lumen loss, unlike many other designs where normal rectifier and simple RC circuits are employed.
Spec sheet
4’ tube, 15w, warm white only. Price: $50.00 ea   LIMITED QUANTITY
2’ tube, 8w natural white and warm white.  Price: $38.00 ea  LIMITED QUANTITY


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