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RGB S3 th03

The NEW S3 RGB Module!

smd led modules 104
SMD LED Modules Project 1 th03 SMD LED Modules Project 2 th04 X1 402

Sample projects. Click picture to enlarge

S Series Product Manual

Lower light degradation with SMD LED;
High brightness and light efficiency with high quality LEDs;
Easy installation with 3M double-sided sticking tape;
Long life span of 50,000 hours with little heat, high quality LEDs and proper drive characteristics (extra transistors insure smoother power and longer life); IP65, applicable for dry, wet, damp environment; Safety and stable with low voltage (12VDC); Energy saving with low power consumption.   Up to 60 moduals per S3 or S4 leg.

oSignage S4 is square shaped, with 4 SMD LEDs in, and available in solid colors. oSignageS3 is oblong shaped, with 3 SMD LEDs in line, and available in RGB and solid colors.
oSignage S series can be installed easily with 3M double-sided tape on the back.
If a dynamic lighting is required, oSignage S series can also be connected with specified dimmer
Operating on 12VDC low voltage, oSignagee S series is a safety luminaries. oSignage S series are useful for channel letters, signs, billboards, advertising boards plus many commercial or home lighting needs.


S3 Modules

S3 SMD LED Module - Red
S3 SMD LED Module - Yellow
S3 SMD LED Module - Blue
S3 SMD LED Module - Green
S3 SMD LED Module - Natural White
S3 RGB SMD Module - Red/Green/Blue

S4 Modules


S4 SMD LED Module - Red
S4 SMD LED Module - Yellow
S4 SMD LED Module - Blue
S4 SMD LED Module - Green
S4 SMD LED Module - Natural White





Our S3 module.

“Cheaper module”

Product Comparison between the S Series Modules and the “Cheaper Modules”

We’ve been finding cheaper modules on the web so we checked them out.  The modules we bought used a picture of the S3 but that’s not what we got.  We got modules with 2 resisters instead of 3 and tricolor leds that are much dimmer than the 5050’s we use.  How much dimmer?  A little less than half as bright. A quick test with our light meter under the same conditions and same distance gave us 256fc for the S3 vs. 131fc for the cheap modules.  Then we put them we put them on our watt meter to see how much current they used.  The S3 module used .725w each and the cheaper module used .595w each.  So the S3 is more efficient.  Oh, and the 3M tape on the back is half as big. Figures.
So you get what you pay for: shorter life and less light.

3 resister 5050 th02
2 resister tricolor th03


3 resistors and 5050 smd leds

LED Flexible Ribbon

2 resistors and 5050 tricolor leds

MVC-291X06 Single color LED Ribbon 402

SMD LED Flexible Ribbon

SMD LED Flexible Ribbon

RGB Waterproof Flat Ribbon

White Waterproof Flat Ribbon



The waterproof LED flexible ribbon incorporates a silicon flexible circuit board and SMD LED technology.  It can be bent to a maximum radius of 2cm.  The SMD LED’s are dimmable (255 levels) and color controllable using linear modulation covering the entire RGB visual spectrum
Power: 12 or 24VDC, Max power=7.2W/m or 14.4W/M
Dimensions: 8mm x 0.25mm
Beam Angle: 120°
Spec Sheet     Spec Sheet 2
Movie 1   Movie 2   Movie 3   Movie 4
Price: 5m Roll: $75.00 30LED/M $95.00 60LED/M

Cool and Warm White LED Ribbon05

Pure and Warm White LED Ribbon

Pure White
Warm White

5m length, 4.8W/M, 120° Beam Angle, 12 or 24VDC, IP67
5m length, 4.8W/M, 120° Beam Angle, 12 or 24VDC, IP67

$59.00/roll or $7/ft
$59.00/roll or $7/ft

Super Bright White Waterproof Flat Ribbon

We tested the standard ribbon againts the new, super bright ribbon and we got a surprise how bright it was!  One foot of standard pure white at one foot distance gave 22 fc-one foot of the super bright pure gave 72 fc!

5m length, 14.4W/M, 120° Beam Angle, 12VDC
5m length, 14.4W/M, 120° Beam Angle, 12VDC

$159.00/roll or 11/ft
$159.00 roll or 11/ft

Single Color Waterproof Flat Ribbon

Track for LED Ribbon


Single Color LED Flat Ribbon

5m length, 4.4W/M, 120° Beam Angle, 12VDC, IP67
5m length, 4.4W/M, 120° Beam Angle, 12VDC, IP67
5m length, 4.4W/M, 120° Beam Angle, 12VDC, IP67
5m length, 4.4W/M, 120° Beam Angle, 12VDC, IP67

$59.00/roll or $7/ft
$59.00/roll or $7/ft
$59.00/roll or $7/ft
$59.00/roll or $7/ft

LED Ribbon Track th06

We now offer a two piece track for the LED Ribbon. If offers a snug, straight run of four feet each.  The top has a diffuser molded into the plastic to help spread the light from each LED. It snaps into the bottom section for a tight fit  Also available for RGB and Super Bright.  Click HERE for more.

Price per 4’ section: $12.75


Dimmable Transformers


200w Indoor

30W  - Outdoor
60W  - Indoor
100W - Indoor
100W - Outdoor
150W - Outdoor
200W - Indoor
300W - Indoor

Price Each

M150L24DC th06

Fully compatible with low  voltage dimmers* with no flicker..

12V 40W    12V 60W 12v 100w
12v 150w
12V 300w
24V 60W
24v 100w
24v 150w
24v 200w
24v 300w

$65.00   $80.00 $89.00






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