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LED Par & MR16 Lamps

LED Par 38 and LED Par 30

eLucent™ RX Series LED Par Lamps, are dimmable retrofit solutions for incandescent lamps and CFL lamps.
The dimmable function enables saving energy to be so easy, which makes eLucent™ RX Series warmly welcomed by home, retail, commercial, and hospitality applications.
The large aluminum housing is the perfect shape for optimal heat dissipation and ensures long life-span.
eLucent™ Par30X is equivalent up to a 75 watt incandescent, and eLucent™ Par38X is equivalent up to a 100 watt incandescent, but uses up to 90% less energy and lasts up to 50 times longer.
eLucent™ RX Series contain no hazardous substances (e.g. lead, mercury), totally pollution and poisoning free.

Dimmable on all standard commercial dimmers;
Ultra energy efficient, up to 90% energy-saving;
Optimal heat dissipation with special-designed aluminum housing;
No mercury, lead, less CO2 emission, ECO-friendly to the environment;
No UV, infrared output, no harmful to human body;
High shock and vibration resistant with durable aluminum housing;
Solid-state, fast turn on;
Less heat output, no heat damage;
Easily installed into standard fitting;
Longevity of service and minimal maintenance.
Available in Natural White or Warm White

Price: Par 30: $69.00
           Par 38: $85.00

LED Qty: Par 30:   7 LEDS
               Par 38: 12 LEDS
Beam Angle: 45 degrees
Input Voltage: 120/240VAC
Lumens: Par 30: 550~600 lm
             Par 38: 950~1100 lm
Power Consumption: Par 30:   9.0W
                                 Par 38: 15.8W
CRI: >75
Dimensions:: Par 30: D95*H105 mm
                   Par 38 D122*H130 mm
Base: E27
Housing: Aluminum


Par 20 Spot lamp with swivel head.

Head swivels 20 degrees in an easy mount spring clip base. 5-1W CREE LEDís 
90v - 240vAC  
480 lumens  
85mm x 72mm
Price $39.00 ea.


Par 30 Spot lamp with swivel head.

Head swivels 20 degrees in an easy mount spring clip base. 12-1W CREE LEDís
90v - 240vAC  
1109 lumens   
115mm x 72mm

Par 38 Spot lamp with swivel head.

Head swivels 20 degrees in an easy mount spring clip base. 18-1W CREE LEDís
90v - 240vAC  
1440 lumens   
149 mm x 72mm
Price: $120.00 ea.


2W Spot lamp with swivel head.
Head swivels 20 degrees in an easy mount spring clip base.
90v - 240vAC ~ Comes with transformer: output 3 to 4 v
180 lumens  
43 mm x 29.7mm   Available in silver or white finish
Price: $15.25 ea

3W Spot lamp with swivel head.
Head swivels 20 degrees in an easy mount spring clip base.
90v - 240vAC ~ Comes with transformer: output 3 to 4 v
270 lumens  
52 mm x 29.7mm
Price: $17.50 ea

MR16 3W LED Lamp

Fixture with the MR-16 3W LED Lamp

Some Applications of the MR-16 LED 3W Lamp

eLucent GX1019 XPower LED Lamps are compact, green and high efficiency lighting fixtures, ideal alternatives to conventional incandescent lamps and CFL lamps. They are well-suited for use in interior architectural, retail, exhibit and display lighting applications.
With patented thermal control technology, and special designed aluminum alloy housing substantially achieves good thermal property. With this unique design, eLucent GX1019 are of much more stable performance and of course will last for around 50,000 hours compared to 1,000 hours from incandescent lamps and 5,000 to 10,000 hours from CFLs.
eLucent GX1019 adopt powerful LED light source with standard MR16, GU10, E27 base, which can be easily dropped into the existing sockets.
eLucent GX1019 offer green and high efficiency illumination lighting solutions. They have many advantages against incandescent light bulbs such as energy-saving, pollution-free, long life span etc. With so many benefits, eLucent GX1019 are gradually replacing the conventional light bulbs for homes, offices, museums, galleries, shop windows, casinos, bars, restaurants, hotels, malls, exhibitions, and meeting rooms etc.

Want a really nice look? These MR16 LED lamps can be retrofitted into our ceiling light fixtures.  Please call for details

    MR16 LED Technical Specifications
    LED Qty: 3LEDs*1W
    Color Range: Warm White, Natural White
    Operation Voltage: 100~240VAC for E27 and GU-10, 12VDC/VAC for the MR-16
    Lumens: 165lm
    Power Consumption: 3 W
    Beam Angle: 30 degree
    IP Rating(Work environment): Indoor use, applicable for dry environment
    Price: MR-16: $15.25ea     GU-10: $16.25ea        E27: $16.25ea

In-house testing

We did some testing on the MR-16 3W LED lamp vs. a halogen 50W lamp.  The first thing we noticed was burned fingers when we tried to change the halogen lamp out. After we found the gloves, hereís the rest of what we found: 

Lux at 1í         Lux at 10í

Halogen 50W MR-16
LED 3W MR-16      

825                    75
750                    67

MR-16 5W LED Lamp

B50 5W MR-16 Lamp

B50 LED MR16 lamp is a bright-light replacement for 50W halogen MR16.
The lamp adopts high quality CREE LEDs as lighting source and consumes only 5 watts, emitting equivalent intensity but saving more than 85% energy  compared with 50W halogen MR16 lamp.
The temperature inside the lamp  can be reduced efficiently by using special technology and high thermal conductive materials, ceramic, to ensure long-life and reliable-performance of LED and power supply.
The B50 is designed to work for 35,000 hours, while halogen can only work for 2,500 hours.
The B50 is the ideal replacement lamp for retail, display, homes, offices, museums, restaurants, hotels, exhibitions, and meeting rooms etc.

    MR16 LED Technical Specifications
    LED Qty: 5 LEDS
    Input Voltage: 12VDC/VAC
    Lumens: 270/320 lm
    Power Consumption: 5WĪ1W
    Dimension: D50*H50 mm
    Beam Angle: 25 Degree
    Housing: Die cast aluminum
    Price:  $19.50ea

Some Applications of the MR-16 LED 5W Lamp

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