Do-It-Yourself Kits

A pretty cool effect for any room is a star ceiling! These kits are a simple way to get a shimmering galaxy, starfield or shooting star for your home or business.
For more on star ceilings go to the
Fiber Optic Starfield page.

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LED  Fireworks and Shooting Star Kits

Perfect for firework displays or shooting stars.   Kits come with 192 strands of 2m (6.5) Starpac-48 cable. Unit has speed and delay options. Multi-function LED light functions are light explosion, random flash, comet, random comet and 1 to 64 LEDs on.  
192 strands of 2m (6.5) Starpac-48 cable kit: $409.00
384 of 2m (6.5) Starpac-48 cable kit upgrade: $525.00

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LED Twinkle Sky Kits

Perfect for small star ceilings. Multi-function LED kits come with 192 strands of 2m (6.5) Starpac-48 cable.. Has several shimmering light functions to choose from.and unit has speed and dimming options.  RGB LED upgrade for only $24.00 extra
192 strand kit: $269.00             
384 strand upgrade: $399.00       

LED Twinkle Sky Kit

LED10W-6C/T Star Kit

Dual port, White 2-5W LED illuminator with 6 color changing or twinkle wheel option. 
Comes with 5m (16.4) of 440-0.75mm plus 140-1.0mm and 20-1.5mm fiber optic strands (total 600). Kit also includes 20 crystal fixtures (see below)
Control system:  Dip switch or wireless remote (included) that accesses program set by dip switch. 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 , 4, and 6RPM color/twinkle wheel.
Size:  L125*W103*H80mm, 0.6kg
12vDC, Power consumption: 14W  Light source: 2-5W LED (50,000 hr)
$499.00 each

Crystal fixtures for Star Kit

Color/twinkle wheels for 6C/T units

For more options on LED units click HERE

DIY35 Kits

35-watt halogen lamp, 4 color-color wheel, 120 strands of 1mm fiber, 2 meters long.  Like the DIY20, this comes with end pieces.
Price:  $335.00

 DIY35 kit.

All pricing is subject to change without notice


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