$398.00      $1298.00   $898.00      $598.00      $1498.00   $1098.00

Rocket Laser

  • Rocket Red: 4 x 4.95mW Red
  • Rocket Green: 4 x 4.95mW Green
  • Rocket Red/Green: 2 x 4.95mW Red + 2 x 4.95mW Green
  • Rocket Red System: 4 x 4.95mW Red + 4 x 4" Bounce Mirrors
  • Rocket Green System: 4 x 4.95mW Green + 4 x 4" Bounce Mirrors
  • Rocket Red/Green System: 2 x 4.95mW Red + 2 x 4.95mW Green + 4 x 4" Bounce Mirrors

The Crossfire DMX is a unique four channel DMX intelligent dual beam laser projector that creates several laser effects. The laser uses double scanner action to project the distinctive effects created by the constantly moving mirror barrels over a wide area. The unit can act as a stand alone, sound-activated unit or in a M/S configuration. It is available with either Red or Green laser diodes                                                                                     Green: $798.00   Red : $558.00

Magic Box MC


Sensational display of green, red, and yellow color! The Magic Box MC has 2 laser diodes, one 4.95mW Green and one 4.95mW Red. Advanced color mixing technology generates perfect yellow effects. It features 45 preset laser geometric patterns/effects including liquid sky, tunnel and curtain effects, and 16 various color combinations.              Price: $898.00


    Planet Galaxy
    56 - 4.95w red lasers in a rotating ball
    Price $720.00



The Club Laser delivers exciting and dazzling laser effects as beams move up and down on a vertical axis.
Price: $798.00


Starburst                                               With the help of a diffraction mirror, hundreds of laser beams are created and no variance is required. Controlled via DMX-512, sound  active, or stand alone with numerous pre-programmed patterns, the  Starburst RGB is ready for total venue saturation.    Price $450.00

Magic Box Wide Beam


The Magic Box Wide Beam is a DMX laser and can be controlled via a standard DMX controller. It is a lightweight, mini intelligent aerial  effects laser projector for clubs, bars, exhibitions and any place  needing a punchy visual effect  Available with either red, green, or stunning blue/red or blue/green diodes, the Magic Box Wide Beam is  the next level of laser performance out-shadowing and dominating any  light show.

$398.00  $598.00  $998.00    $998.00

  • 1 x 10mW Red Laser Diode
  • 1 x 10mW Green Laser Diode
  • 1 x < 4.95 Blue Laser Diode + 1 x < 4.95 Red Laser Diode
  • 1 x < 4.95 Blue Laser Diode + 1 x < 4.95 Green Laser Diode
Laser Gloves th Laser Gloves 1

Laser Gloves                                           Technical Specifications:
Power: 2 AA Batteries per glove
Material: Genuine Leather
Padded palm
Elastic band for wrist mobility
Adjustable Velcro strap
Control: Manual
Size: One size fits most
Available for Right or Left Hand.
Price: $120.00

Fog Machines

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Snow 1000 Machine th02 fog-machines-pyroflex-1500w-40-000-ft-fog-machine-1_large02


Fiber Optic Lighting

fog-machines-pyroflex-1500w-45-000-ft-led-fog-machine-1_large02 fog-machines-mistique-700w-3500-ft-haze-machine-1_large02

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