Landscape Fixtures

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Spright Move02

Spright Green - $199.00
Spright Blue -   $229.00    Spright Red -    $199.00

The BlissLights Spright is our most popular product. This unique lighting experience projects thousands of static pin-points of light that is perfect for a “fire fly” effect in your garden or creating a truly unique holiday display that will amaze you and your neighbors.

Green The BlissLights Spright Green is our most popular color and can be used on any surface indoors or outdoors. It looks amazing on trees and plants by creating that magical “firefly” glow in your backyard for a truly amazing lighting experience

Blue The BlissLights Spright Blue transforms your pool, house, or any other surface with its thousands of pin-points of light.

Red The BlissLights Spright Red with its softer, more subtle red starry-glow of light is perfect for indoor use to transform the mood of any room or simply to create a touch of bliss anywhere you need outdoors

Spright laser02

Spright Move Green- $229.00 Spright Move Blue -  $259.00

The Spright MOVE The BlissLights Spright Move uses laser and holographic technology to project thousands of moving pin-points of light. Just plug-in and point to create a truly unique lighting experience. No longer are the lights static and you can see the “fireflies” dance in your garden or add extra allure to your holiday display! Indoors or outdoors, the possibilities are endless!


LED Garden Light Change the look and mood of your outdoor décor with a click of a button! The low-voltage BlissLights Garden Accent Light has a higher standard than other flood lights in the market.
The 16-color LED floodlight is perfect every day use, Holiday lighting effects, and a great complement to all BlissLights products.

Garden Light03


  • Product Specifications
    -16 user color LED
    - Remote control included
    - Strobe, Fixed, Flash, or Fade settings
    - Power Consumption Up to 10 watts           - Power Input 110/120V                               - Operation Indoor / Outdoor                       - Operating Temperature -15º F to 90º F      - Projection Coverage 15ft X 15ft                - Maintenance Maintenance Free                   - Dimensions 3.75”L X 3”W X 12.5”H
    - Warranty Limited 1 Year

Fiber Optic Landscape Lighting

LED Underground Spots


$6.00 each


$15.00 each


$20.00 each


Lightstick -Path lights for concrete applications
$20.00 Each
(Installation directions)

For help on landscape designing, please click HERE.

Please call for availability.  Pricing is subject to change without notice. 

LED underground spot for landscape lighting
Stainless steel top for long life

LED underground 3 1w spot02

90mm x 90mm
100v to 240vAC
3-1W LEDs, 255 lumen
30º beam angle
Warm white
Price: $35.00 ea

Garden Lighing th02


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