Glass Block Illumination Systems

These are pictures of a glassblock wall constucted using the Swift Track system.


An installation in a Planet Fitness Gym.

There are several ways to light up glass blocks. The least expensive is putting florescent tubes behind the blocks. This one has the shortest life and you must have access to the back.  Needless to say, you canít use this method if you want two sided viewing.

A second method is putting fiber optic cable behind the glass blocks.  This is a permanent installation and it can change color, but it isnít as bright as the florescent tubes.  Again, only one sided viewing.  A variation of this would be to place fiber optic cable between the blocks. This is a permanent installation, can change color and it offers double sided viewing. The minimum fiber optic illuminator is a 150w metal halide or the LED40W such as the DEL-150HID-8LC.  If the ambient lighting is medium to high then you will need the use a third method that uses LEDsí.  This is more cost effective than the fiber optic option but remember, these are LED's, they carry electricity and they WILL burn out eventually (but it should be years before this happens and you can easily replace any sections that burn out).  This is actually the easiest by far, constructing the wall using the Swift Track System and our RGB LED ribbon.  The ribbon is much brighter than the fiber optic cable and is not permanent, but if you build your wall with the Swift Track system, replacement is easy. 

To see how to build a glass block wall, click HERE

To see what this can look like, click HERE



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