FlexNeon Tips

Installation of FlexNeon is extremely easy, but there are a few things to watch out for. Here are some pictures and comments on what to do (and not do!).  Click the pictures for a larger view.

You can only cut the FlexNeon at the cutting mark. This is what it looks like.  You only have a 1/2” clearance, so be careful (we cut down from the top and if we hit a LED we move over a little-it doesn’t happen often)

There are two types of pins, this is the one used to put into the FlexNeon and connect it to the power cord.  Notice the two wires are on the right.

This is what it should look like-be careful pushing the pin in.  If it breaks off you have to trim the FlexNeon a little a pull out the broken pin.

The finished connection. You can put some silicone in the cap(s) to seal them from the weather.