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Welcome to the Del Lighting fiber optic lightingproduct page. We offer a variety of fiber cable sizes and types, illuminators for indoor or outdoors and many fixtures that will bring your project to life! Our products represent the very best in fiber optic lighting technologies.
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Because our quality control standards are high, we offer only the highest caliber fiber optic components.. Our goal is always to deliver the very best products at a reasonable cost to you. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance.
For more information on ordering, please contact us at: sales@del-lighting.com or call (210) 590-5196 from 8am to 5pm central time.
You can fax us at (210) 590-4957.

Why canít you buy on-line like other sites? The short answer is we donít sell you prepackaged systems that wonít work for you and/or cost you more in the long run.  We design each system for your circumstances or job and have been doing so for years.  We know what weíre doing and can help design your system to work properly for the least amount of money. Your satisfaction is more important than just taking orders and shipping stuff. 

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Fiber Optic Lighting


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