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Please take time to visit one of our projects. There is over 4,000 sq feet of fiber optic star curtains and 14 DEL150-8 M/S/R illuminators used for the Gaylord Texans’ show Ice!

Here are some pictures from a current project, five curtains totaling 1,024 sq. ft with three logos that can appear on cue for Tops in Blue!


Fiber optic curtains are used for stage performances, churches or anywhere a dramatic background or ceiling is called for. We can produce the curtain to whatever color scheme you want, including a company logo or graphic of your choice. Turnaround time is as little as two weeks. Rentals available - please call for curtain sizes.
We can also do custom lettering or logos - any size or shape and they can be made to change color whenever you wish. The picture to the right shows the 1,248 sq.ft. curtain we did for the Rivercentre/Roy Wilkins Auditorium in St. Paul, MN. It uses eight Del 150-8 units fitted with DMX and all independently controlled by computer using the Dashlight virtual controller.

The curtain has two layers of heavy duty, fire retardant cloth. The facing is a 16 oz black Commando cloth with the lining made of 12 oz black Ranger cloth. Velour and other custom cloths are available. Fibers enter the cloth in gathered bundles and then are distributed in individual random or designed order over the entire curtain.

Customer specifications will determinate how many bundles (circuits) and illuminators are attached to each individual curtain.
The circuits are the number of fixtures used to illuminate a single zone or curtain. Multiple circuits allow the mixing of colors in a curtain. For realistic twinkle effects, we have three illuminators that will do a wonderful job. For small venues, home theaters and other small areas where ambient lighting is low to medium, the
X20-75 fitted with a twinkle wheel or the DEL75w-2LC works well. For medium sized venues we suggest the DEL250QH-TW (twinkle wheel option).  For large venues where the project really needs to “pop”, we have the 96w SMD LED Illuminator. This unit is DMX512 controlled for a really remarkable curtain that can change colors while twinkling!

Technical Specifications

Weight:    approximately 0.22 lbs per sq. foot/1.1 kg per sq. meter
PMMA polymer fiber / standard size 0.75mm
Fiber tail (Umbilical Cord): Vinyl reinforced protective tubing with 1.25”x 6” aluminum bushing
Fiber tail (Umbilical Cord) length: 7 foot/213cm average
Fiber tail (Umbilical Cord)location: any
Grommets on 1 foot/30 cm centers across top of the curtain
Laces/ties length: 40 inches/100 cm (one per grommet)
Suspended inner pocket with loop to tie chain.
Double stiched/double glued for strain relief
Bordering: Jute Webbing 3 1/2” x 1/8”/9cm x 4.5mm
Fire retardant certified (NFPA 701 small scale certified-rule6.1 NYC Board of STDS and Appeals, Section C19 of the NYC administrative code, and NYC Fire Dept. Directive 1-78, State of CA-Title 19). Inherently flame resistant/durable flame retardant process available.

Fiber Density

1 circuit 2.33 fibers per sq. foot/25 fibers per square meter (Product code K1530)
2 circuits 2.79 fibers per sq. foot/30 fibers per square meter (Product code K1532)
3 circuits 3.75 fibers per sq. foot/40 fibers per square meter (Product code K1533)
Custom configurations available


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