DMX Control Systems

DMX Control Systems


Wi DMX Easy Transmitter

Wireless DMX 512 transmitter.  This unit will transmit DMX data for one mile open air.
Can handle 512 DMX channels, number of Wi-D PEN's: unlimited.  3 or 5 pin XLR connector available

Wi DMX Easy Pen Receiver




This unit will receive DMX data from Wi DMX Easy Transmitter up to one mile open air.
Can handle 512 DMX channels. 3 or 5 pin XLR connector available

Wi DMX Transceiver

Can be used with any DMX controller. This unit can send and recieve wireless DMX signals. It can also be used as a signal booster when used in tandem. Longest  throw distance is 10km when used in tandem.


Wi DMX Transceiver is a  multifunction, dual-channel, wireless station: it is mainly used as a dual-channel Wi-DMX transmitter. This function allows sending a DMX  universe over two independent radio channels (marked as red and green).  The operator can select the two ranges of DMX channels to be sent over  the red and the green radio channels. There are ten available settings for both the red and the green radio channel, allowing up to ten DMX universes to be transmitted in the same local area;
The second mode  of the operation is dual-channel receiver: the two DMX channels ranges  sent over red and green radio frequencies are received and mixed to  obtain the original DMX signal. This mode is used when a point-to-point  wireless link is required;
Finally we have the extender mode, intended for increasing the distance between the first transmitting station and the farthest receiver. In this case, the receiver must be  paired to the extender and not to the first transmitter.


DMX Controllers

DEL-SC1216 192 Channel DMX Control Panel


Programmable controller for 12 illuminators/projectors with 16 dmx channels each.
Technical Specifications
Pan and Tilt assignment
192 output channels, 30 programmable sequences with 8 scenes each
6 chase programmable
Audio input via built-in microphone or line, MIDI interface, Internal memory
DMX output via 3 pin XLR
DC 9-12V 300mA power supply included.
Weight: 4.83 lb.

DMX 4-Way Distributer

SRC-143  4 Way DMX Distrubtion Panel


- 1 Input and 4 Outputs
- Four-way DMX distributor with one input and four outputs
- Electrically isolated input and output
- Features both 3 and 5 pin connectors
- Independent driver, data and data display for each output

HCD-300FS DMX Interface Controller for LED RGB products


This controller supports DMX-512 standard protocol from your DMX unit or it can operate stand alone..  It has 35 pre-programmed effects that are assessable via DMX or it can work in DMX Decode mode. Works with a standard DMX signal generator (DMX console or PC with effects generator software). Master/Slave function. 120v


Wireless DMX Transmitter/Receiver

Each unit is a transmitter or receiver based on its dipswitch settings. Connect any standard DMX controller to one WDMX-260 in transmitter mode and then set multiple WDMX-260's to receiver mode to send DMX wirelessly to your lights!

- 512 Channels (Pass Through)
- Distance: 500 feet
- Input power: 9V / 500MA
- Transmit and Receive Frequencies (2): 915/916 Hz
- DMX output: 2 (1 x 3-pin XLR female, 1 x 3-pin XLR male)
Price: $125.00 Each

DMX Dimmers

DEL-SC6  6 Channel DMX Dimmer

6-channel DMX/Analog dimmer * 19 rackmount * 10A per channel * LCD menu

- Microprocessor control
- Separate DMX addressing for each channel
- 6 Channel DMX Control
- 6-Channel Analog 0-10V DC Control
- Phase correction activates linear dimming (0-100%)
- Linear/Switch/Square Control Curves (Selectable)
- Short circuit protection for each channel with integral 10A circuit breakers
- LCD menu system
- Electronic protection against over temperature
- Non-Volatile
Price: $450.00 each

DEL-SC4  4 Channel DMX Dimmer

4-channel DMX/Analog dimmer * Wall or truss mountable pack * 5A per channel * LCD menu

- 4 Channel Dimmer Pack
- DMX Inputs
- Analog Inputs
Price: $125.00 each

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SRC-181 DMX Interface Controller for LED RGB products


The SRC-181 Controller/power supply is stand alone or supports DMX-512 with 8 functions. Color change, dimming and color change speed OR decode mode. 120v


Wall Mount DMX Touch Panel Controllers


  DMX WiFi Wall Mount Controller
  Price: $199.00ea

DMX WiFi 2th
DMX WiFi 3th

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With the DMX Wi-Fi Wall Mount Controller, you can have a software-free solution to your DMX application, straight out of the box. This controller comes complete with 10 preset modes, a  custom color picker for RGB lighting, white light control, and  management of up to 4 independent zones of lighting. Many DMX  controllers on the market require complicated and time-consuming  software that is geared more to professional lighting designers, but this is not one of them. The DMX Wall Mount Zone Controller is a cost effective and a user-friendly solution to home and commercial lighting automation. Not only is it an intuitive and attractive wall mounted  controller, it can also be Wi-Fi controlled through Android and Apple  iOS mobile devices.
Input Voltage:
12V-24V DC
Input/output Signal: DMX512
Connection type: Terminal port
Environment: Suitable for indoor/dry locations       Spec Sheet

Non-DMX Illuminator Control Systems

Dusk to Dawn Light Sensor


Retrofit programmable 1-8 Hr. Dust to Dawn light sensor.

Outdoor 24 Hour Programmable Timer


Heavy duty digital outdoor timer


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