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Cove Lighting

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Cove done with Fiber Optic Lighting

Coves done with RGB Ribbon Tape

There are two main ways of doing cove lighting, LED's or fiber optic lighting. The fiber optic method is permanent with only the illuminator ever needing servicing.  So this method is used when access to the cove is inconvenient or impossible and/or you don’t want electricity in the cove. The minimum equipment needed for this method is a 150W metal halide illuminator or the 96W LED illuminator and one loop of the S-SB126 cable.  To double the light you would use two loops of cable, to triple the light three loops and so on.  To help you decide, take a look at this link that shows the difference between illuminators: ILLUMINATOR DIFFERENCE.  Here’s one that shows the difference between the cables: FIBER OPTIC CABLE DIFFERENCE.   

                                                                                           Fiber Optic Cove Lighting- Best System

For a darker room where a bright glow is desired or where a soft glow is needed in a bright room.  The cable length is not only for the distance around the room, it has to allow the cable to go FROM the illuminator, go around the room and then loop back TO the illuminator.  This is VERY important! If you have ANY questions, PLEASE call and let us help you.  Again, if you have ANY questions, PLEASE call and let us help you to decide the best location of the illuminator. Each kit consist of one (1) S150-8 DMX-M/S and S-SB126 fiber optic cable. 

FOC-50B  50’ of S-SB126 cable, cable prep kit and 20 clips
FOC-75B  75’ of S-SB126 cable, cable prep kit and 30 clips
FOC-100B 100’ of S-SB126 cable, cable prep kit and 40 clips
FOC-150B 150’ of S-SB126 cable, cable prep kit and 60 clips
FOC-175B 175’ of S-SB126 cable, cable prep kit and 80 clips


RGB Ribbon

The second method that uses LEDs’ is more cost effective than the fiber optic option but remember, these are LED's, they carry electricity and they WILL burn out eventually (but it should be years before this happens and you can easily replace any sections that burn out).  You do not have to loop the rope and can do multiple sections from one controller.  So, if you have easy access to the the cove or are on a tight budget, then this method may be a good one.
Take a look at the RGB LED page to see the difference: RGB LED.  If you think the RGB Ribbon is the way to go, we offer kits to make things even easier!                                                  

RGB Waterproof Flat Ribbon

RGB LED Tape th

The waterproof LED flexible ribbon incorporates a silicon flexible circuit board and SMD LED technology.  It can be bent to a maximum radius of 2cm.  The SMD LED’s are dimmable (255 levels) and color controllable using linear modulation covering the entire RGB visual spectrum
Power: 12 or 24VDC, Max power=7.2W/m  5M roll = 3A for 3 color, 2A for single color
Dimensions: 8mm x 0.25mm
Beam Angle: 120°
Spec Sheet     Spec Sheet 2
Movie 1   Movie 2   Movie 3   Movie 4
5M (16.4’) roll with 30LED/M. 
Price: $95.00 Discounts available for 5 rolls or more.

Controller for RGB Flat Ribbon


This controller supports DMX-512 standard protocol from your DMX unit or it can operate stand alone.. It has 35 pre-programmed effects that are assessable via DMX or it can work in DMX Decode mode.

  Works with a standard DMX signal generator (DMX console or PC with effects generator software).  Master/Slave function.  12 or 24VDC
Price $249.00

Transformers for Flat Ribbon

30W  - Outdoor
60W  - Indoor
100W - Indoor
100W - Outdoor
150W - Outdoor
200W - Indoor
300W - Indoor


Touch Controller th

LED Waterproof Wireless controller

16 pro-positioned patterns or just touch the controller on the round panel to change color any of 60 pre-set colors.
Price: $199.00 ea.

Waterproof LED Controller th

Signal Booster:    $89.00
Can run an additional 5 rolls (82’)

Single Color Waterproof Flat Ribbon

Pure White
Warm White

5m length, 4.8W/M, 120° Beam Angle, 12VDC or 24VDC, IP67
5m length, 4.8W/M, 120° Beam Angle, 12VDC or 24VDC, IP67
5m length, 4.4W/M, 120° Beam Angle, 12VDC, IP67
5m length, 4.4W/M, 120° Beam Angle, 12VDC, IP67
5m length, 4.4W/M, 120° Beam Angle, 12VDC, IP67
5m length, 4.4W/M, 120° Beam Angle, 12VDC, IP67


LED Ribbon Track th

Track for LED Ribbon

We now offer a two piece track for the LED Ribbon. If offers a snug, straight run of four feet each.  The top has a diffuser molded into the plastic to help spread the light from each LED. It snaps into the bottom section for a tight fit. Also available for rgb and super bright ribbon. Click HERE for more

Price per 4’ section: $12.75

Super Bright White Waterproof Flat Ribbon

We tested the standard ribbon againts the new, super bright ribbon and we got a surprise how bright it was!  One foot of standard pure white at one foot distance gave 22 fc-one foot of the super bright pure gave 72 fc!

Pure White
Warm White

5m length, 14.4W/M, 120° Beam Angle, 12VDC
5m length, 14.4W/M, 120° Beam Angle, 12VDC


To see more options for the RGB led ribbon, click HERE


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