LED Flexible Ribbon Backlighting Honey Onyx

Backlighting Honey Onyx E4

This is a project we did in Beverly Hills. It had 3/4” honey onyx on every wall in the powder room including the shower (sides and floor).  We used 1,500’ of warm white led ribbon, 15 transformers and 6 low voltage dimmers.  Since the onyx would be difficult to remove to fix a run of LEDs that might have a section burn out, double redundancy was built in.  Good thing we put in the dimmers - most of the time the lighting was run at 50% and that was plenty bright!    

Backlighting Honey Onyx E1th Backlighting Honey Onyx E2th

This is what we started with

Testing Backligthing honey onyx

This shows the double rows of ribbon

Backlighting Honey Onyx E3

Here we’re testing to make sure everything is working properly

Prepared runs for Glass Block Wall
Shower floor th

Clear acrylic the onyx rested on. 

Backlighting Honey Onyx Ath

Just another test

Preparing the ribbon at the shop


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Backlighitng Honey Onyx Aath

This shows the double rows