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LED Wall Pack

WP Series LED Wall pack is designed for applications that  require lighting with a long life and low maintenance requirement. With effective thermal management, corrosion-resistant, and die-cast aluminum enclosure with an  architectural dark brown finish, WP Series LED Wall provides glare free, uniform illumination while providing a safe and comfortable  visual experience. WP Series LED Wall pack adopts high luminous efficacy SMD LEDs. They are available in 40 watts, 60 watts and 90watts. With superior 60%-90% energy savings,  compared to halogen lamp or a metal halide lamp, WPFC90 achieves a superlative luminous flux of 8500lm and only consumes approximate 90 watts. High lumen output, energy-efficient optical control and easy universal installation features confirm the WP Series LED Wall as the absolute choice for indoor and outdoor  illumination.

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Spec Sheets

Down light

Flood light

Input Voltage: 100-277 VACĀ  50/60 HZ
Power Consumption: 40 W, 60 W, 90 W
WPFC40: 362*293*230 mm (14.25*11.54*9.06")
WPFC60 & WPFC90: 465*350*232 mm (18.31*13.78*9.13")
WP0040: 363*195*230 mm (14.29*7.68*9.06")
WP0060 & WP0090: 465*244*230 mm (18.31*9.06*9.61")
Housing: Die-cast aluminum
Color Temperature: 5000 K, 4000 K
CRI: 85

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Pricing:           28W - $130.00      40W - $150.00      60W - $225.00        90W - $275.00


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Sample Projects

LED Mini WallPack


LED Mini Wall Pack offers the superior light quality of our larger Wall Packs in a more space-conscious form factor. The rich  bronze finish complements building exteriors, landscapes, entryways, walkways, and facades. The luminaire is available in a range of color  temperatures for wall-washing, perimeter, and security lighting Mini  Wall Pack fixtures are IP65 rated and tested for use in wet locations.


Technical Specifications:
Input Voltage: 120~277VAC                    Power Consumption: 20.3W, 39.2W        Dimensions: 9.25*7.28*3.84 in                Lumens: 2100 lm, 3700 lm                       Color Accuracy: CRI 80+                  PF/THD: >0.9/<20%                                Housing: Die Cast Aluminum

Pricing:           20W - $100.00      40W - $150.00

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LED Flood Light


The LED Flood Light is an environmentally preferable,  cost-effective, maintenance-free alternative to traditional HID lighting.
It is built with high efficacy LEDs (80+ lm/W). They are available in 10W, 30 watts, 50 watts, and 100 watts.
With superior 60%+ energy savings, compared  to a metal halide lamp, the flood light provides up to a superlative  luminous flux of 12000 lm and only consumes approximate 150 watts.
The LED Flood Lights are widely used to illuminate facades, landscapes, parking areas and displays in  hospitality, public places, office buildings, shopping plazas,  apartment complexes and schools etc.

LED Flood Lights

Input Voltage: 100-277 VAC
Power Consumption: 10W 30W, 50W, 100W
Lumens:  800lm, 2400 lm, 4000 lm, 8000 lm,
Luminous Efficacy: Typ. 80+ lm/W
CCT: 5000 K
Color Accuracy: CRI>70
PF>0.92/ THD<20%
IP Rating: IP65


10Watt - $25.00             30Watt - $59.00             50Watt - $85.00             100Watt -$159.00

LED Flood

LED Canopy Light

LED CP Canopy is a high-performance exterior luminaire designed to provide safe, reliable illumination from low to medium ceiling heights.  The robust design is ideal for gas stations, parking garages,  stairwells, entryways, and building overhangs. The CP Canopy is tested  for wet location use and is IP65 rated. Models are available in 28W, 40W, 60W, and 90W models with color temperatures of 4000K, and 5000K.

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LED Wall Pack Sample project 202

Technical Specifications:
Input Voltage: 120-277 VAC                                   Power Consumption: 28 W, 40 W, 60 W, 90 W Dimension: 8.90 *8.90 *7.20 in, 12.32 *12.32 *8.90 in Lumens Flux: 3164 lm, 4500 lm, 6900 lm, 10200 lm Luminous Efficacy: 113 Lm/W                              Housing: Die Cast Aluminum                                     Color Temperature: 4000K, 5000K                            CRI: 80+                                                            


40Watt $ 135.00

60Watt $ 185.00

90Watt $ 205.00

LED Vapor Proof Fixture

LED Vapor Proof fixture is a rugged fixture designed for ambient lighting in indoor or semi-open environments. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor parking zones, gas stations, warehouses, canopies, and other  areas that may see exposure to humidity or moisture while requiring high quality light. Industrial areas are particularly suited for this luminaire.


Features:                                              Certified DLC 4.1 Standard                   Luminous Efficacy of 105 lm/W                      LED Lifespan of 90,000 Hours vs. Conventional Fluorescent Lifespan of 25,000 Hours

Technical Specifications:
Input Voltage: 100-277 VAC 50/60 HZ Dimensions: 49.80*5.08*3.46 in               Lumens Flux: 4800 lm                           Luminous efficacy: 120 lm/W                      Color Accuracy: CRI 83                             Power Consumption: 40W                           Color Temperature: 4000 K, 5000 K    PF/THD: >0.90/<20%                               Housing: PC                                                Work Environment: Indoor and outdoor use



40Watt $99.00


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